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COVID-19 UPDATE: 3/27/20, 3:10pm.

As an essential provider of life-sustaining technology and supplies, our people will continue to report to each U.S. Environmental location. On Monday, 3/30, we will be implementing the following policies in an effort to protect our customers, staff, and families. As always, Please use the email address - - or call your U.S.E. representative directly for further information about our contingency operations and services.

We have created non-overlapping work shifts to minimize social contact. We anticipate that this may have an impact on operating hours, deliveries, and pick ups. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to make alternate arrangements.

The entrance at each location will remain locked. All rental pick ups and returns should be made at the loading dock. We intend to maintain an appropriate social distance.

We may choose to temporarily suspend deliveries and pick ups in "COVID-19 Hot Spots". Your U.S.E. representative will communicate this in the most timely manner possible and attempt to make alternate arrangements.

Thanks and be well.

What is CIMR®?
CIMR® Infection Control Technology continuously disinfects viruses, bacteria, mold and other fungi by producing 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and water vapor in the air.

Device & Data Expertise

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Continuous remote monitoring of particulates and weather data in Florida

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Remote data aquisition of toxic gas and weather data on landfill in central Massachusetts

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Waltham, MA (HQ)
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