More Than Just A Rental

We Are Innovators



What do we mean by that? It starts with the Quality Standards. These are the expectations that we have established for every area of our operation. We expect each and every associate to display a commitment to these standards. 


The presentation of a first-class, superior product is the foundation of providing the best rental experience possible. Our products will be 1st rate in cleanliness, condition, and functionality. 

Inventory Management

In order to quickly meet the demands of our clients, we will maintain and improve our ability to track the physical location and status of each and every asset in our inventory in real-time.

Employee Development

Each employee will be knowledgeable, team-oriented, and committed to continuously improving.


Our invoices will be prepared and submitted accurately and in a timely manner.

Office & Workspace Condition

Our workspaces will be organized and welcoming. The quality of our entire operation begins with a safe, clean, well-maintained, and organized workspace. Attention to small things make big things possible.

Customer Service

We will meet or exceed the expectations of every client. By focusing on friendliness, professionalism, timeliness, accuracy, and technical knowledge, our people will be more than just another vendor, rather a partner/resource for each and every client.


1996 U.S.

Environmental Rental Corporation was formed by Todd Roberts, Scott Roberts, and Jarrod Polidori as a private family-owned and operated business and today remains a certified small business. Our first office occupied 800 square feet in Arlington, Massachusetts. 

1998 U.S. Environmental Moved

to a warehouse on Sun St. in Waltham. In that same town today, U.S. Environmental corporate headquarters now occupies a 10,000 square foot facility on Riverview Ave. Our headquarters provides delivery service to most of Massachusetts, all of Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire. Additionally, our in-house shipping center currently provides service to our clients in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, and throughout the world.

1999 Acquired CSR Services and Timely Environmental

to expand our footprint in the Mid Atlantic Region and consolidated in Mt. Laurel NJ. 

2000 Opened our office in East Hartford, Connecticut

focused on servicing the entire state plus Western Massachusetts and parts of New York.

2001 Implemented RMI

custom inventory management software 

2003 Combined northern and southern NJ offices

to a Central NJ office in Hamilton focusing on servicing New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and eastern Pennsylvania.

2004 Opened first Onsite Rental Service

at a major client location to allow them to have all product available at all times. 

2005 Entered Wireless Market

using ProRae Remote and Area Rae’s at a landfill with custom developed enclosures and solar powered system.

2005 Expanded Corporate HQ

in Waltham MA to new 10,000sq ft facility 

2005 Began Remote Data Acquisition

to help our clients to be more productive in the field

2006 Expanded Footprint in CT

 to  a larger facility in East Hartford.

2007 Opened the Tampa, Florida

office to service the entire state as well as the Southeast and The Caribbean. 

2008 Expanded NJ Office

to a larger facility directly off the highway. 

2012 Implementation of Damage Waiver

to save clients potential liability.

2014 Opened Illinois Office

as a first step in supporting our Midwest client base as we expand toward the west coast. 

2018 Began Remote Data Acquisition

with a newer second technical product line.

2018 Implemented AlertPro

for inventory management, billing transactional transparency to better support our clients.

2019 Partner of the Year

for TSI

2020 Complete Digital Strategy

with online trainings for clients. Maintained all locations throughout COVID-19. Entered LEAN Six Sigma Program of Operational Excellence.

Feedback From Happy Customers

"I have been using U.S. Environmental for well over 10 years for my equipment rentals and sampling supplies. U.S. Environmental provides clean, reliable field meters and field equipment. They take the time to double-check their equipment prior to sending it out to the field so their clients will not have any downtime in the field due to equipment that is not working properly. Leonard Ore is extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and can explain how to use it in the field. I rely on U.S. Environmental for all my equipment rentals when conducting fieldwork and I am very appreciative of the excellent customer service that they provide."

Matt, Manager EST Associates