A Better Way to Monitor Noise? Sounds good!

Introducing the newest, most advanced dosimeter on the market.

U.S. Environmental is happy to introduce the best sound monitoring instruments we've ever seen. Call your representative for more information.

SV 104

The SV 104 instrument is a revolutionary new approach to occupational health and safety noise monitoring offering voice comments and audio events recording functions which are a new concept in an instrument of this size.

The measurement data is safely stored in the large 8 GB memory and the amazing OLED screen displays information in both text and graphical form and offers excellent visibility even in full daylight. The SV 104 is a cable-free dosimeter and is typically attached to the user’s shoulder, close to the ear using the mounting clips supplied.

Any instrument is only as strong as its weakest point and on a noise dosimeter that’s normally the microphone. On the SV 104 that "Achilles heel" has been removed by using a revolutionary and virtually indestructible robust 1/2" MEMS microphone enabling easy calibration using most commonly available acoustic calibrators.

SVAN 971

The SVAN 971 is an extremely small Class 1 Sound Level Meter with options for 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis. The instrument brings unprecedented state of the art technology to a SLM of this size.

The instrument’s new user interface makes both configuration and measurement easier than ever before. For those who don't have time to work with measurement settings, SVAN 971 offers extremely simple operational mode with Start/Stop. This innovation makes the SVAN 971 an ideal choice for many applications including industrial hygiene noise, short term environmental noise, acoustic consultants, technical engineers and general noise measurements. Another exceptional feature is built-in self-vibration monitoring providing information about level of vibration that influences the measurement results.

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A Better Way to Monitor Noise? Sounds good!


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