ION SCIENCE - Single Gas

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Ion Science Single Gas -2

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In Stock Ready for Sale!

In Stock Ready for Sale!

Ion Science Single Gas Details

Options H2S, O2, CO, O2.
Range H2S: 0 to 100 ppm CO: 0 to 300 ppm SO2: 0 to 50 ppm O2: 0 to 25 %.
Resolution See Spec Sheet.
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Product Overview

ION Science’s ARA single gas detectors are designed for use as safety compliance devices to be worn throughout daily shifts within a range of industry sectors including oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, government & defense, water, aerospace, and power generation, and across a variety of applications such as site-wide safety, confined space entry, plant shutdown processes, and first response safety. The instruments help workers carry out their work safely and cost-efficiently, alerting the wearer to the presence of unsafe gas levels.