TSI - Sidepak AM520

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TSI - Sidepak Am520




Sidepak AM520 Details

Options Small, portable monitor PM10, PM4, PM2 and PM2.5
Range Aerosol Concentration 0.001 to 100 mg/m3, Particle Size 0.1 to 10 µm, User adjustable Flow Rate 0 to 1.8 liters/min.
Resolution 0.001 mg/m3
Rental Accessories Hard Case, Battery Pack, Power Supply, Comm. Interface USB Micro B (socket), TrakPro Software.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes Yes No

Product Overview

The SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor AM520 is a small, single-channel, portable, battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometer that provides real-time aerosol mass concentration readings of dusts, fumes, mists, smoke, and fog within a worker breathing zone. Newly designed inlet conditioners increase the mass concentration capability and provide size fraction cut points for PM10, PM4 (Respirable), PM5 (China Respirable), PM2.5, PM1, and 0.8 μm Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM). This monitor is the perfect solution for real-time, personal aerosol sampling in a variety of workplace environments, including general industry, foundries, construction sites, chemical plants, refineries, petrochemical, power and utilities, transportation, aerospace, maritime, confined spaces, and mining.