RAE Systems - Qrae II

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RAE Systems - Qrae II




Qrae II Details

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Range Oxygen 0 to 30.0%, Combustible 0 - 100% LEL, Carbon Monoxide 0 - 1000 ppm, Hydrogen Sulfide 0 - 100 ppm.
Resolution Oxygen 0.1%, Combustible 1% LEL, Carbon Monoxide 1 ppm, Hydrogen Sulfide 0.1 ppm resolution.
Rental Accessories Hard Case, Charger, Alkaline Battery Pack, Travel Adaptor, 34L Regulator, Tedlar Bag 1L, External Filter.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes No Yes No

Product Overview

The QRAE II is a full-featured, compact, one to four-sensor gas detector for oxygen, combustibles, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide.  Key features include an easy-to-change battery pack, a water-resistant case, and a new state-of-the-art O2 sensor.