QED - ST1102 PM Pump

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QED - St1102 Pm Pump




ST1102 PM Pump Details

Options -
Range Max Lift 1000 Feet (305 Meters).
Resolution Volume 395 Milliliters, 3.4-Foot Length (1.04 Meters) 1.66-Inch Diameter (4.2 Centimeters).
Rental Accessories -
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

This stainless steel Well Wizard dedicated bladder pump is ideal for deep-well applications and can be paired with our MP10H MicroPurge Controller. The Well Wizard pumps have a field-proven design and durability required for long-term dedicated monitoring. They are ideal for low-flow sampling (are EPA-accepted) and widely accepted by regulatory agencies, as well as people in the field. The exclusive PTFE bladder formulation has been rated for more flex life than other bladder materials, and the Well Wizard pumps are issued a 10-year warranty, which speaks to its' reliability.