Thermo - SapphlRe Analyzer

Ref #1140

Thermo - Sapphlre Analyzer




SapphlRe Analyzer Details

Options 121 compound library
Range See Spec Sheet.
Resolution Compound Dependent.
Rental Accessories Sample Wand, Carry Case, Filter.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes No Yes No

Product Overview

This is the instrument preferred hands-down by gas monitoring experts, and yet the novice should not be intimidated by its engineering sophistication.  The SapphIRe is the most versatile multi-gas detection system available to hire because it detects and quantifies almost any organic and many inorganic gases. The applications are almost endless and include ventilation studies, leak detection, IAQ assessments, unknown gas detection, monitoring medical air and anesthetic gases, process maintenance, workplace monitoring for toxic vapors, and stack monitoring for regulatory compliance. The operator selects a compound from a 'library' of 50 single-gases. The SapphIRe automatically references the appropriate calibration information, configures itself to measure the target compound, and delivers concentration readings in about 10 seconds.  Portable and lightweight, the SapphIRe is an ideal rental solution for short-term, emergency rentals due to its size, accuracy adaptability.