March 14, 2011

Well Supplies

We have all of the groundwater monitoring well supplies you need at each U.S. Environmental location:


Groundwater Filters

.45 Microns / 1 Micron / 10 Microns
Available in individually up to cases of 50.


Well Plug

Well Plugs

1″ / 2″ / 4″ / 6″


Bailer Twine


…and more

We have all the groundwater monitoring well supplies you need. Contact us if you do not see something you need for your next project.

Check Valves

Check Valves and Surge Block

LEFT: Check valve threads over 1⁄2 x 5⁄8” HDPE tubing. A surge block can be used for 2” wells.
CENTER: Check valve threads inside 1⁄2” x 5⁄8” HDPE tubing.
RIGHT: Check valve threads inside 3⁄8” x 1⁄2” HDPE tubing.