January 6, 2011

Our Company

U.S. Environmental Rental Corporation is a leader in providing rentals, distribution, and repairs of environmental monitoring equipment, accessories, and related items. U.S. Environmental is dedicated to providing our valued clients with only the newest, most technologically-advanced, rugged, reliable, and accurate instrumentation. Our people are committed to providing a superior experience throughout all areas of our operation including customer service, rentals, sales, repairs, technical support, training, and accounting.

U.S. Environmental Rental Corporation was formed in 1996 by Todd Roberts, Scott Roberts, and Jarrod Polidori. We are a private family-owned and operated business.

Our first office occupied 800 square feet in Arlington, Massachusetts. In 1998 we moved to a warehouse on Sun St. in Waltham. U.S. Environmental’s corporate headquarters now occupies a 10,000 square foot facility on Riverview Ave. in Waltham. Our headquarters provides delivery service to most of Massachusetts, all of Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire. Additionally, our in-house shipping center currently provides service to our clients in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, and throughout the world.

Our first expansion was in New Jersey. Through acquisition and internal growth, we have opened a large facility located in Hamilton focusing on servicing New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, and eastern Pennsylvania.

In 2000, we opened our office in East Hartford, Connecticut focused on servicing the entire state plus Western Massachusetts and parts of New York.

Over the next few years we continued to build our service-oriented culture concentrating on continuously improving the quality of our service and knowledge of our clients needs, upgrading our inventory, and providing the best rental experience in the environmental marketplace.

In 2007, we opened the Tampa, Florida office to service the entire state as well as the Southeast and The Caribbean.

Today, we continue to look for opportunities to grow and improve, while retaining our core values and principles:

  • We will provide the best customer service in the industry.
  • We will have flexible rental schedule that can be applied to any project length.
  • We will offer the newest, most technologically-advanced, and practical rental equipment and consumable products available.
  • Our associates will be knowledgeable, friendly, experienced, thoroughly trained, and understand your projects and needs.
  • We will provide the best rental experience possible for our valued clients.
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