NITON - Xl3T 500 Xrf Analyzer

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NITON - Xl3T 500 Xrf Anlayzer




Xl3T 500 Xrf Analyzer Details

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Range High-performance semiconductor - Au anode 50kV maximum, 200µA maximum
Resolution See Spec Sheet.
Rental Accessories Hard Travel Case, Certified Calibration Standards.
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Xl3T 500 Xrf Analyzer Specifications

Communication Integrated Bluetooth and USB
Power Two eight-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs; battery charger
Accessories Thermo Scientific GOLDD technology
Dimensions US: 9.6 x 9 x 3.8 in. Metric: 244 x 230 x 96 mm

Product Overview

The Niton XL3t Ultra XRF Analyzer is ideal for specific applications where faster analysis and lower detection limits are needed.

The Ultra advantage is a 45mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) that delivers vast improvements in sensitivity and measurement times– as much as 10-times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors, and up to 3-times more precise than conventional silicon drift detectors.

With its faster analysis, higher precision, and the ability to measure light elements without helium or vacuum assistance, it is the ideal instrument.

Manuals & Data Sheets


  • Analyze Metals in Soil
  • 25 element library for Analysis
  • Real-time on-site results
  • Generate reports and analyze data with the Niton Data Transfer software
  • Carry out component testing for RoHS and WEEE compliance
  • Environmental Agency recognized method
  • Internal CCD camera for visually identifying & recording images of samples


  • Industrial
  • Health