September 11, 2015

MyRO Membership Request Form

We are happy that you are interested in joining MyRO. Before going any further, please understand that we are only signing up people who have an established order history with U.S. Environmental at this time. If that’s not you? No worries. We encourage you to call one of our locations today and get started.

What is MyRO?

MyRO – or My Rental Order – is U.S. Environmental’s quick and easy rental order builder. We’re really excited to offer a quick and easy way to submit rental orders. However, we want to make sure that you know what to expect. So, please take a moment to understand what MyRO can do, but – more importantly – what MyRO cannot do.

MyRO is perfect for…
Periodic orders where you use the same equipment and supplies every time.
A project that is set to begin at least 3 days from today.
A short-term project (two weeks or less).
Getting an idea of how much a short-term rental might cost.
You should give us a call first for…
New projects where you aren’t quite sure how much equipment and supplies are necessary.
Those last minute rentals (delivery within 24 hours).
A long-term project (a month or more).
A competitive quote where we may be able to offer better rates.

What are you waiting for…

Please sign me up for MyRO!