SOLINST - Model 101

Ref #3010

101D Water Level DrawDown Meter




Model 101 Details

Options Tape length up to 300', Adjustable Sensitivity Knob.
Range Size: 5/8" dia., 5.38" long (16 mm x 137 mm), Weight: ~4.5 ounces (128 g).
Resolution Feet and Tenths: with markings every 1/100 ft.
Rental Accessories Soft Carrying Bag, Spare Battery, Tape Guard, 9V Battery.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

For measuring the depth to water in wells, boreholes, standpipes, and tanks, Model 101 Water Level Meters are the industry standard for portable hand operated meters. They are sturdy, easy to use, and read accurately to 1/100 ft. or each millimeter.

There are two versions to choose from. The Model 101 P7 Water Level Meter features a pressure-proof probe rated to 500 psi and laser-marked PVDF flat tape.