SCHONSTEDT - Mac 51Bx Detector

Ref #5060

SCHONSTEDT - Mac 51Bx Detector




Mac 51Bx Detector Details

Options High and low frequency.
Range 20" sensor spacing; 4000' signal
Resolution High frequency (82.3 KHz) and the low frequency (571 Hz).
Rental Accessories Case, Batteries, Conductive Cable Assembly.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes No No No

Product Overview

The unique dual function MAC-51Bx receiver is designed to be used in conjunction with the transmitter for tracing buried cables, ferrous/nonferrous pipes, metallized warning tapes, and plastic pipes with tracers. Or it can be used alone to locate any object with a magnetic field water and gas valves, septic tank handles, manhole covers, etc. Featuring a switch that allows you to choose between the high frequency (82.3 KHz) and the low frequency (571 Hz), the MAC-51Bx lets you locate a complete break using the LO mode and then continue on to trace beyond the break in the HI mode or trace a metal pipe joined with non-conductive gaskets.