Low Flow Sampling Simplified

Introducing the new In Situ smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld

smartrollIn Situ’s new smarTROLL is now in U.S. Environmental’s rental inventory. Contact your representative for more information and remember to ask about the limited introductory rental rates.

The smarTROLL Multiparameter (MP) Handheld increases productivity on your Low Flow Sampling projects.

The smarTROLL Multiparameter (MP) Handheld combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smartphone mobility. The intuitive iSitu® Application eliminates training time and runs on your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® device.

Simply connect the smarTROLL MP Handheld to a battery pack, launch the iSitu App, and start reading results. No warm-up time or tedious setup. The iSitu App guides you through spot checks, calibrations, and data management.

Here’s a video demonstrating a Low Flow Sampling project on the smarTROLL.