WILDCO - Hand Core Sediment Sampler

Ref #4740

WILDCO - Handcor Sampler




Hand Core Sediment Sampler

Options Stainless Steel Core Tube threaded on both ends.
Range 5' - 15'
Resolution N/A
Rental Accessories Carrying Case Sampler with Liner Core Tube, two Liner Tubes, three Eggshell Core Catchers, two Lexan Nosepieces.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

Wherever you can wade, float or find a dock, you can use the Wildco® hand corer! Here is a low-cost, foolproof sampler especially intended for shallow coring in fresh, salt, or brackish waters. Use is simplicity itself: merely push it into bottom sediments using handles on the head assembly. After the corer penetrates the bottom, twist or pull it free to retrieve your sample. In deeper water, you can attach a 5 - 15 foot long extension handle to the head. In deeper water yet, you can drop it by attaching a line to a clevis located on the head assembly between the handles. The hand corer works by creating a partial vacuum that holds the sample in place and helps prevent washout. As the tube is pulled up, the polyurethane flutter valve on the head assembly tightly seals the upper end of the sampler. As long as the bottom end of the tube is 2-3" (50-75 cm) underwater, the corers will hold.