Ben Meadows - Gopher Hand Auger

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Ben Meadows - Gopher Hand Auger




Gopher Hand Auger Details

Options 3 1/4" auger
Range -
Resolution -
Rental Accessories Auger, extension rods, snap pins and T-Handle
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

The Ben Meadows Gopher Auger System is made of strong and durable stainless steel, so the soil won’t be contaminated during sampling— the ideal choice for EPA testing. Stainless Steel Augers come with the ingenious SquareLink™ connection system that makes changing auger heads quick and easy. The handle fits securely inside the square tube connection of the Auger's head. When the Auger rotates during sampling, the stress is on the strong SquareLink connection, not on the pin, effectively eliminating the bent or broken pins that occur with other connection systems. Commonly used with (Ion Science Tiger PID)