Dusttrak - 8530


TSI DustTrak 8530[1]




Product Overview

The Revolution in Real-Time Dust Monitoring Has Arrived:

Forget everything you knew about aerosol monitors. The new DUSTTRAK II and DRX monitors are light years ahead of any other. The DUSTTRAKTM DRX monitor, for instance, is a new laser photometer that simultaneously measures both mass and size fraction – something no other monitor can

When it comes to worker comfort and productivity, as well as risk management, don’t you want the best? The new DUSTTRAK II and DRX aerosol monitors simply leave

everyone else in the dust.

Desktop or Handheld Units for Any Environment, Any Application

The new DUSTTRAK II and DRX Aerosol Monitors are battery-operated,

data-logging, light-scattering laser photometers that give you real-time aerosol mass readings. They use a sheath air system that isolates the aerosol in the optics chamber to keep the optics clean for improved reliability and low maintenance. 

Suitable for clean office settings as well as harsh industrial workplaces, construction, and environmental sites, and other outdoor applications. DUSTTRAK II and DRX monitors measure aerosol contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes, and mists.

Easy to Program,

Easy to Operate

The new graphical user interface with color touch-screen puts everything at your fingertips. The easy-to-read display shows real-time mass concentration and graphical data as well as other statistical information along with instrument pump, laser and flow status, and much more.

Perform quick walk-through surveys or program the instrument’s advanced logging modes for long-term sampling investigations. Program the start time, total sampling time, logging intervals, alarm setpoints, and many other parameters. You can even set up the instrument for continuous unattended operation.

Applications Include:

  • Industrial/occupational hygiene surveys
  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Outdoor environmental monitoring
    • Fugitive emissions monitoring
    • Site perimeter monitoring
    • Fenceline monitoring
    • Dust control operations
    • Environmental research studies
  • Baseline trending and screening
  • Engineering control evaluations
    • Corrective action validation
  • Point source monitoring
  • Engineering studies
  • Remote monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Aerosol research studies


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