QED - MP30 Water Drawdown and Level Meter

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QED - Drawdown Mp30-Wlml




MP30 Water Drawdown and Level Meter Details

Options -
Range Probe Diameter .625 in; Probe Length 5/8 OD x 7.5 L, Tape 1
Resolution 150 or 300 Feet (46 or 91 m)
Rental Accessories Carry Bag, 9V Battery, Connecting Cable, Well Hanger and Reel Brake.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

MP30 performs as a drawdown sensor and control when connected to the MicroPurge basics controllers, and as a high-quality water level meter. The MP30 switches between both modes. For drawdown control, the meter is turned to MicroPurge mode and the probe is lowered to the point of maximum drawdown. If purging lowers the water level to the selected point, a light and buzzer on the MP30 meter are activated and the controller is signaled to enter a standby mode until the water level rises again. A separate light indicates probe submergence in both modes.