December 11, 2012

Data Management

Reliable field data reports are a vital part of any project. However, obtaining the data from datalogging instrumentation can be frustrating at times. With our Data Management Service, you can leave that frustration to us. You will no longer need to budget valuable time from your project on:

  • Setting up the logging interval and other parameters correctly
  • Installing 3rd-party software on your computer
  • Figuring out how to connect the instrument to the correct port and download the updated drivers
  • Transferring and converting your reports into a usable format

When you rent a datalogging instrument from us, we will provide everything you need to complete your datalogging project on your own, including software*, communication cables, and helpful guides. If you’d rather not spend time dealing with all of that, then the Data Management Service may be perfect for you. If you choose to use the service, we will:

  • Set up a short pre-rental test and print a report showing that the unit logged data at the correct interval.
  • Once the equipment has been returned to us, we immediately assign it to a technician
  • The technician will download all of your data reports and export them to a text-based format.
  • The data reports will be sent to you via email by the end of the next business day.
  • We’ll store a back up of your data on our secured server in case you need to access it again.

If you are interested in using the Data Management Service, call a U.S. Environmental representative and we will provide more information.

*Trimble does not distribute a free or demo version of the PathFinder Office software. Therefore, we cannot provide a copy of PFO with rental Trimble receivers.