GEOTECH - Bladder Pump 1.66"

Bladder Pumps

Bladder Pumps

Together with the USGS, Geotech designed the first bladder pumps for groundwater quality and pollution monitoring.

A bladder pump is a non-contact, positive displacement, pneumatically operated pump that uses compressed air. It consists of a housing that encloses a flexible bladder made of PTFE or polyethylene. A screen is attached below the bladder to filter out any material that may interfere with check valves. Bladder pumps are operated by air compressors, compressed air or compressed nitrogen tanks.

Bladder pump advantages include ease of operation, portability, small diameter, and ability to pump large volumes of water relative to their size.

Bladder Pumps

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GEOTECH - Bladder Pump 1.66"

GEOTECH – Bladder Pump 1.66″

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