SENSIDYNE - Aircon-2

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Air Con 2 - Sensodyne




Aircon-2 Details

Options Programmable Sampler; AC or Battery.
Range Flow Range 2-30 LPM, Constant Flow 2-30 LPM @ pressures up to 7 psi.
Resolution 8 Hour runtime minimum.
Rental Accessories AC Power Cable or 12 VDC, 13 AH Battery.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

The AirCon-2 sampler is a high-volume unit with an extended flow range, designed for collecting particulate in a given plant area. It is ideal for asbestos background and clearance sampling following NIOSH, OSHA, or EPA methodology and for ambient dust monitoring. The AirCon-2 System is available in a programmable version that operates off either AC or battery power. It comes with an adjustable tripod mast and connecting hose to hold the filter cassette at the proper height and isolate the filter from the vibration of the unit. Cassette and filter media must be ordered separately.