YSI - 6920

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YSI 6920




6920 Details

Options Ammonium, Chloride, or Nitrate (ISEs) Conductivity Depth/Level Rapid Pulse™ Dissolved Oxygen (V2-1 only) ORP pH Resistivity Salinity Specific Conductance TDS Temperature Plus one or two of these optical sensors: Blue-green Algae PC or PE Chlorophyll ROX™ Dissolved Oxygen Rhodamine Turbidity.
Range See Spec Sheet.
Resolution See Spec Sheet.
Rental Accessories Soft or Hard Carrying Case, Flow Cell, Sonde Guard, DO Membrane Kit, 4 C Batteries, Small Cal Solutions.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes No Yes No

Product Overview

The YSI 6920 is an economical logging system for long-term, in situ monitoring and profiling. It will log all parameters at programmable intervals and store 150,000 readings. At 15-minute intervals, it will log data for about 30 days. A cost-effective logging unit rated at 200 feet, the YSI 6920 can monitor up to 14 parameters simultaneously, including oxygen with the YSI Rapid PulseTM stirring-independent sensor and turbidity sensor not affected by variations in ambient light that has a self-cleaning feature. A self-cleaning chlorophyll sensor may be installed instead of the turbidity sensor.