Dwyer - 475 Mark III

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Dwyer - 475 Mark III




475 Mark III Details

Options AV Kit includes Model 475 Digital Manometer, Pitot tube, two No. A-303 static pressure tips with magnetic mounting, 3/16" I.D. rubber tubing, No. A-397 step drill for 3/16" - 1/2" holes in 1/16" increments, No. A-532 AV slide chart, 9 volt battery, and fitted polyethylene case.
Range Model 475-3 is 200.0" w.c. / 49.82 kPa.
Resolution ±0.5% Full Scale, 60 to 78°F (15.6 to 25.6°C); ±1.
Rental Accessories Manometer, (1) 9V battery (Installed), 9V spare battery, cut sheet and case.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

The Series 475 Handheld Digital Manometer measures positive, negative, or differential pressures of air and natural gases in ranges from 1 in w.c. (0.249 kPa) to 150 psid (10.34 bar). The dual push pads on the front panel control the on/off, auto-zero, and pressure unit selection, allowing for simple operation with no set up needed. When used with a Dwyer® Pitot tube, the Series 475 can also be used as an air velocity gauge.