Gast - 1532 Air Pump

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Gast - 1532 Air Pump




1532 Air Pump Details

Options -
Range PCM Cassette - 3-15 LPM, TEM Cassette - 3-10 LPMAir-O-Cell.
Resolution -
Rental Accessories Pump with built in AC power cord and adjustable barbed inlet.
Rentals? Sales? Datalogs? Telemetry?
Yes Yes No No

Product Overview

The Gast 1532 High Volume Air Sampling Pump is both durable and economical. Its rugged construction and low maintenance have made it one of the most popular air sampling pumps on the market!

With the Gast 1532 producing a free flow rate of over 45LPM, users will find that with a supplied locking flow valve, airflow can be sufficiently controlled at rates from 2LPM - 35LPM.

The Gast 1532 utilizes Rotary Vane cores to achieve vacuum. The 1532 pump has an internal muffler chamber and moisture containment system eliminating the need for the Glass Jar system that was found on the Gast 1531 models.